Quarterly Site Reports

Each quarter, Intermacs provides site specific information to Site Administrators at active sites. This includes the Quarterly Assurance Report and Data Quality Report. These reports are distributed through the web based data entry file delivery system.

Data Quality Report

  • Provides each hospital with a snapshot of key data they have entered into Intermacs
  • Provides a list of inconsistent and improbable data values
  • Provides a useful tool for auditing

Quality Assurance Report

  • Contains information from your site compared to the overall Intermacs experience
  • Primary prospective patients are analyzed to facilite the comparison
  • Facilitates the refinement of patient selection to maximize outcomes with current and new device options

Example Reports


Report Distribution Schedule

Calendar QuarterData Entry DeadlineCoverage Stop DateDistribution Date
Q1April 30thMarch 31stJune 30th
Q2July 31stJune 30thSeptember 30th
Q3October 31stSeptember 30thDecember 31st
Q4January 31stDecember 31stMarch 31st