Live Data/Form Downloads

In an effort to provide more timely and comprehensive data we have developed and made available the “Form Download” system. Users will now be permitted to download all data entered by their site into the Intermacs WBDE system in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel.

Key features include:

  • Instantaneous download of data by form entered into Intermacs.
  • Data download is available in Excel format.
  • PowerPoint tutorials providing useful examples for creating presentation quality tables and charts from the Excel datasets.
  • Forms available for download: Screening Log – Enrolled, Screening Log – Excluded, Demographics, Pre-Implant, Implant, Implant Discharge, Follow-Up, Rehospitalization, Major Infection, Major Bleeding, Neurological Dysfunction, Device Malfunction, Additional Adverse Events, Explant, Death, One Year Post Recovery, Transfer, and Withdraw Consent.