Data Entry Guide

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How to enroll a patient

Screen new patient

Once you log into the Intermacs application for patient data entry, click Screen Patient.

wbde guide screen
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wbde guide log
*Note: For patients that do not meet the inclusion criteria, please answer the reason the device was excluded.
You will then need to complete the required 7 questions regarding excluded devices.

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After you have completed the screening log, the following forms will be generated in this order:

  • Demographics
  • Pre-Implant

Once the pre-implant form is completed and submitted, then you will be able to complete the implant form.

Please refer to the most recent Intermacs User’s Guide posted here for follow up guidelines.

How to add a RVAD

Add new device

Once you have navigated to the patient summary page, click Add New Device.

wbde guide add
*Note: A durable LVAD must be implanted before you can add a temporary RVAD (or any temporary device)
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Once you click on add new device, you will see what devices are allowed for the patient.
You will then click on Add New Device again in the message box.

wbde guide add confirmation
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You will be taken to a new pre-implant form and implant form for the patient.
Please complete the new pre-implant and implant form.
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To Explant this device, you will click on Create Event.

wbde guide create
dwn arw
Complete label section and click on Validate and Save.

wbde guide add label
dwn arw
Click on Explant and answer Yes
Then click on Validate and Save.

wbde guide add explant
dwn arw
Complete the form. Please note the device type will say RVAD in real time.
Once you have entered the correct information, please hit Validate and Save.
You have successfully and correctly explanted this RVAD!

wbde guide adverse

How to create an event

Create new event

Once you have navigated to the patient summary page, click Create Event.

wbde guide create event
dwn arw
Enter date of explant (date of transplant in this case)
Complete this AE label (you can say ‘Patient Transplanted’)
Then click on Validate and Save.

wbde guide ae status